Shoreline Control Specialists on Lake Gaston
Shoreline Erosion Control Solutions for Lake Gaston NC and VA

Shoreline Erosion Control Services

So Just What is Shoreline Erosion?

SHORELINE EROSION is the continual movement and relocation of soil particles caused by wave action.

Shoreline Specialists, serving North Carolina & Virginia, has one main focus in mind, and that is to prevent shoreline water and soil erosion using a variety of methods. Several factors play into the design of any particular erosion solution. Wave size must be considered first. Next the size of the stone must be determined based on the wave size. In addition, the slope at which the stones are placed against the bank is extremely important. If any of these factors are overlooked, the erosion control method will eventually fail. Shoreline Specialists take pride in designing and implementing long term erosion control features for property owners at Lake Gaston. Their mentality is to use the appropriate amount of stone to fix the problem (no more - no less). It is their opinion, based on fact and science, that shoreline erosion can be prevented on Lake Gaston without placing stone 20-30 feet high on the slope of the land. This is a very sterile look as seen from the water, and is not maintenance free. On the other hand, Shoreline Specialists, can provide erosion control without consuming a huge amount of the home owner's property. Contact us for your North Carolina & Virginia erosion control solutions.


Accessing Waterfront Property Prior to Permitting

Shoreline Specialists Will Assess Your Shoreline

At no cost, Tom Moss or Faye Hardee will visit your property and provide an assessment of your shoreline. Due to ever changing slopes and soil types, there are many different erosion scenarios that occur on the lake. Even the type of boat traffic around your property effects the wave action and erosion that occurs. Call Shoreline Specialists today for an appointment with Tom or Faye. Their free estimate will include the following elements:


The amount of stone or Rip-Rap required


An approximate cost for the job


The final "look" of your lot after construction


Dominion Generation Requires Permits For Shoreline Work

Shoreline Specialists Guides You Through the Process

Dominion Generation Shoreline Management Group requires all property owners to submit a detailed drawing (to scale) of any shoreline work, including erosion control, tree removal and boat house construction. Once the Management Group approves the pending work, a permit must be submitted to the Army Corp of Engineers for their approval before any work can begin on any shoreline property. This process generally takes 4-6 weeks and can be tedious, but when completed properly the first time around, the timing could be less. Shoreline Specialists will guide you through this process. Their 20+ years of expertise on NC & VA lakes and interaction with Dominion Generation and Army Corp of Engineers will make this process much easier and will prevent common mistakes that could delay work from beginning. You can count on our expertise and guidance to make the entire process go as smoothly as possible.