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Shoreline Specialists would like to share with you samples of many of our soil erosion projects on the shorelines of Lake Gaston where we protect our client's waterfront properties. As you know, every time a wave hits the shoreline, there is soil loss. Continued soil erosion not only negatively affects the individual homeowner, it negatively affects the aquatic life in the lake and recreational activities at the lake. We use a variety of techniques to secure the various shorelines of Lake Gaston. Using different sized stones, building different sized structures, and working around natural features on the shoreline are some of the methods we use to properly secure the shoreline. Moving rock behind the boathouse with an excavator as shown to the right, is just one of our very efficient methods of controlling soil erosion along the shoreline.

Listed below are some of the major categories of shorelines that are found on Lake Gaston. Look through the slideshows and you can properly find a shoreline that is similar to yours. We specialize in water erosion control in NC & VA.