Shoreline Control Specialists on Lake Gaston
Shoreline Erosion Control Solutions for Lake Gaston NC and VA

Meet Shoreline Specialists Owners

Eddie Hardee - Shoreline Specialist Owner

Eddie Hardee
(252) 903-4376

Eddie Hardee has been working on Lake Gaston in Virginia and North Carolina for 32 years building quality boat houses and piers. His "quality first" approach has resulted in many satisfied customers and friends over the years. Eddie's knowledge of the lake area, the daily characteristics of the lake itself, and experience with the result of wave action are all valuable assets to their erosion control business. His ability to pinpoint erosion problems is built upon 32 years of working around the water. He takes pride in his win/win approach with his customers and partnership with Tom.

Tom Moss - Shoreline Specialist Owner

Tom Moss
(252) 985-8061

Tom Moss has worked in the Rocky Mount, North Carolina and Lake Gaston, Virginia and North Carolina for the last 30+ years as a nursery man and landscape architect. While Eddie's expertise lies "with the water", Tom's area of knowledge combines plants, soils and erosion control solutions. Tom's professional career involves not only the design of projects, but also managing the installation and budget process. His experience of dealing with the "big picture" as well as working out the details is important to their business because every job is unique in it's design and implementation.

Combined Efforts

Shoreline Specialists Tom Moss and Eddie Hardie

You will benefit from Tom & Eddie's combined expertise by choosing Shoreline Specialists for your next water and soil erosion solution.

Surveys and Permits

At no cost, Tom Moss or Eddie Hardee will visit and survey your property and provide an assessment of your shoreline. Due to ever changing slopes and soil types, there are many different erosion scenarios that occur on the lake.

Dominion Generation Shoreline Management Group requires all property owners to submit a detailed drawing (to scale) of any shoreline work, including erosion control, tree removal and boat house construction. You can count on Shoreline Specialists to assist with the entire process. more