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Shoreline Erosion Control Solutions for Lake Gaston NC and VA

Who We Are...

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Shoreline Specialists is a company that is entirely dedicated to shoreline erosion control - serving surrounding waters of Lake Gaston VA & NC. We perform this work in an environmentally sensitive manner which does not disturb the natural habitat or property beyond the repair site by working "from the waterside"; we create minimal disturbance on the land. Our method for delivering rip-rap to your shoreline is fast, efficient, and approved by the Dominion Generation Shoreline Management Group. At no charge, we will be glad to come out and give you an estimate to secure your shoreline from water or soil erosion.

Shoreline Specialists Landing Craft Boat - Controlling Soil Erosion on Lake Gaston
Shoreline Specialists Landing Craft Boat - Controlling Soil Erosion on Lake Gaston

How We Work

When the shoreline allows, we prefer to bring stone to our customers by boat to minimize the impact on the surrounding environment. Our landing craft is a very integral part of our operation because it is so versatile. It allows us to bring stone and equipment to the jobsite without ever stepping foot on land. Our boat is 56' long and 14' wide, and can carry a payload of 25-28 tons easily. On a good day, we can deliver and place up to 70 tons of stone for a given customer (without harming his or her property).

Shoreline Specialists on Lake Gaston - Work Boat
Delivering RIP RAP by Boat

Rip-Rap Installation - Shoreline Specialists
Bobcat Moving RIP RAP

Shoreline Specialists deliver Rip-Rap by boat
Moving Stone to Shoreline