Shoreline Control Specialists on Lake Gaston
Shoreline Erosion Control Solutions for Lake Gaston NC and VA
  • Securing Shorelines of Lake Gaston - New construction on Lake Gaston requires erosion control services
  • Rip-Rap Protects Shoreline on New Construction Project
  • Windy Point subdivsion - new construction required North Carolina Erosion Control
  • Erosion problems along Windy Point Subdivision on Lake Gaston
  • Before adding Rip-rap to Lake Gaston Shorelines
  • After adding Rip-rap to Windy Point shoreline on Lake Gaston
  • New Construction requires permits before rip-rap can be installed
  • Class B riprap put in place and tamped for a nice finished look
  • Protecting Natural Landscape from soil erosion
  • Finished shoreline project with new rip rap to protect from waves
  • Protecting point lots on Lake Gaston from soil erosion
  • Shoreline Specialists delivers equipment and supplies by boat which protects the land from being damaged

Erosion Control Services VA
North Carolina Erosion Control

If you are considering building a new home at Lake Gaston, consider securing your shoreline with stone in during the same time period. Properly adding rip rap to your shoreline will secure your shoreline permanently. If left unprotected, you may lose valuable land due to continual wave action.

Shoreline Specialists are North Carolina erosion control experts. We will assist you in obtaining all permits required before shoreline work begins. Feel free to contact us for a FREE estimate. We provide water erosion control services VA and NC.

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