Shoreline Control Specialists on Lake Gaston
Shoreline Erosion Control Solutions for Lake Gaston NC and VA
  • Reconstructed Shoreline with Rip-Rap after Hurricane Irene
  • 800 tons of stone and they have a secure shoreline again
  • Walkable Hill after Rip-Rap Placement
  • Moving Rip-Rap with Shoreline Specialist's Excavator
  • Soil Erosion Control NC and VA on Lake Gaston
  • Stone Structure protects Lake Gaston Shorelines
  • Eroded Banks Require Rip-Rap for Protection
  • Hillside ready to be revegated
  • Erosion problem fixed - hillside will repair itself
  • Rip Rap Stone used to control shorelines of Lake Gaston
  • Shoreline Specilists repair hillside on main lake using rip-rap structure
  • Rip-Rap Stone sercures hillside on Lake Gaston
  • Pretty Creek Peninsula Rip-Rap used to prevent erosion
  • Shoreline protected from further water erosion
  • preventing soil erosion on Lizard Creek
  • Protecting shorelines of Lizard Creek on Lake Gaston
  • Protecting shorelines of Peahill Creek on Lake Gaston
  • Rip-rap installed along Lake Gaston shorelines
  • Protecting shoreline and natural landscaping from water erosion
  • Rip-rap enhances beauty of Peahill Creek Lake Gaston

Soil Erosion Control NC & VA
Using Rip-Rap on Lake Gaston Shorelines

There is a wide variety of natural shorelines at Lake Gaston that require a variety of erosion control methods. Water depth, steepness of slope, existing vegetation, and homeowner concerns all are considered when we install a rip rap structure. Properly installed rip rap will allow native plants to repopulate the shoreline and the land behind it.

To determine which method of erosion control is best for your Lake Gaston property shoreline, contact Shoreline Specialists today for information about soil erosion control NC and VA.

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