Shoreline Control Specialists on Lake Gaston
Shoreline Erosion Control Solutions for Lake Gaston NC and VA
  • Aging Bulkhead is secured and the shoreline is in place.
  • Proper placement of the stone gives a nice, consistent look from the water
  • Stone placed behind boathouse as well for added protection
  • Rip-Rap Placement Lake Gaston -securing bulkhead
  • Stabilize bulkhead by filling in huge gaps caused by water erosion
  • Backfilling bulkheads - Lake Gaston Bulkhead Repair
  • Fixing holes behind bulkhead caused by water erosion
  • Fixing holes behind bulkhead caused by water erosion
  • Adding Rip-Rap in Front of Bulkhead prevents further soil erosion behind bulkhead
  • Bulkhead in need of repair - Erosion Control Services VA & NC
  • Bulkhead is on the verge of collapse
  • Shoreline Specialists repair bulkhead - then add stone and rip-rap
  • Rip-Rap will Secure Bulkhead To Prevent Further Soil Erfosion
  • Stone Behind & In Front of Bulkhead to protect shoreline
  • Soil Erosion Control VA & NC Behind Bulkhead
  • Using Stone to fill Large Gaps
  • Work in Progress Lining Soil to Prep for Rip-Rap
  • Workers Filling Eroded Areas
  • Rip-Rap Stone in Front and Behind Bulkhead for Added support
  • Water caused Soil to Erode behind Bulkhead
  • Rip-Rap Behind Bulkhead to Secure Shoreline

Soil Erosion Control VA / NC
Lake Gaston Bulkhead Repair

Many wooden bulkheads at Lake Gaston are starting to show their age and deteriorate. It is advisable to consider putting rip rap in front of your bulkhead before it begins to lean toward the water. Repairs are usually much more expensive if you wait until your bulkhead fails completely.

Contact Shoreline Specialists today for your FREE estimate on bulkhead repair or installation. We provide services for Lake Gaston Bulkhead Repair and Soil Erosion Control VA and NC.

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